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Railway Children theatre Review





The Railway Children at King's Cross Theatre


LGWTC Guidance: Highly recommended theatre outing with the children – we all loved it! 

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The Railway Children is live on stage at Kings Cross Theatre in London, the perfect venue for the re-enactment of this much-loved children’s story and definitely worth seeing!

The stage is perfectly adapted along railway tracks which serve as moving rooms, railway station, tunnel, landslide and the setting for the arrival of a beautiful steam engine- surely the highlight of this magical production.

The three children tell the story of how they were transported suddenly, and to them mysteriously, from their privileged family home to a new basic house in rural Yorkshire with their mother. Between them they tell the tale of how their father is taken away one evening from them, how they downsize to the north, how they befriend and charm the local station master, his numerous family and the villagers, how they send their love to their absent father via the 'green dragon' steam train every day that flies it's way to London. How they wave at an old gentleman on the train who turns up later in the story. The first half races along as we all wait in great anticipation for the train!! You won't be disappointed as it arrives and it's very dramatic and worth the wait.

The second half sees the train return and the conclusion to this gripping stage production.

This production was marvellous. Even if you know the story, and it is a jolly good tale, it is still exciting and cleverly produced, the actors are great - the children played very well.

The atmosphere is great, even the entrance to the theatre is created like an old waiting room.



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LGWTC Guidance: Highly recommended theatre outing with the children – we all loved it!





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