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Film Reviews For Kids

A Tigers Tail film review for kids


 A TIGER’S TAIL is out now on DVD and On Demand

courtesy of Icon Film Distribution.

LGWTC Guidance: Great film for everyone who loves tigers! 

This is a film about a boy Billy who goes to a Southern Californian zoo and looks at all the animals and he sees the tigers, which he really loves, particularly the cubs. His friend Koby then comes along and together they see that a keeper for the tigers leaves their gate open so Luna the cub escapes and climbs into Billy's back pack, without hi m knowing.

When they leave and go home in the car Billy hears a noise and finds the tiger cub! He doesn't want his parents to find out as he will get into trouble so Billy hides Luna in his bedroom. Buster the pet Labrador becomes a great friend of Luna. After lots of funny goings on Billy and his friend decide to take Luna back to the zoo because they have heard that the zoo keeper is very sad to loose Luna.

So the two boys leave Luna with Buster and go to the zoo but they bump into some bullies and a group of girls - one of which Billy really likes. The bullies are mean to Billy and his friend but the friend accidentally says something about the tiger cub to the bullies and they decide to steal Luna.

In the meantime the parents find out about Luna. The bullies don't get Luna, the parents call the zoo and Luna gets picked up and taken back to the zoo. In the end it's a happy ending.
I would recommend anyone around 5-9 years old to see this film if they love animals they will really love this film. Luna the cub is really sweet. Parents who like animals will like the film too.

Tallulah (aged 9)


LGWTC Guidance:  Great film for everyone who loves tigers! 


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